Our expertise in bonding, financing, tax planning and overall financial management has helped contractors improve performance by helping them gain more control over their internal finances, overcome their many challenges and meet their strategic goals.

Our BNKJ construction team helps contractors be successful by analyzing and determining how they can overcome their challenges and stay profitable in this getting better yet still volatile market. We look at financing and capitalization challenges, heavy competition, cash flow, risks of speculative projects or cost overruns, safety and other liability matters, skilled worker shortages and highly cyclical demand in many areas.

Whether you are a small local contractor or a large multi-state general contractor, prime subcontractor, industrial or specialty contractor, or a road/bridge/highway contractor, we can help you look at your financials, your internal controls and your operations and give you the information you need to make well informed, sound business decisions that can maximize your profits, minimize your tax burdens, and make you more attractive to investors and lenders. Our services include

  • Local, state, federal and multi-state tax planning and compliance services, including methods and elections that are unique to contractors
  • Audits and assurance services
  • Internal control and benchmarking assessments
  • Profitability studies and financial analyses
  • Revenue recognition
  • General business and management consulting
  • Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and consolidations
  • Sales and use tax
  • Tax credit and governmental incentive assessments