Sports & Entertainment

Being a professional athlete or entertainer may come with perks and privileges, but it also brings a unique set of financial challenges like huge annual variations in income, multiple income streams and convoluted tax compliance issues. You certainly didn’t learn how to deal with all this while trying to make it big! You need a team of trustworthy, dedicated professionals who understand the complex issues you face and will give you financially savvy honest advice you can count on, while respecting your time and privacy.

With over 50 years of accounting, tax and consulting experience, BNKJ has helped numerous athletes and entertainers like yourself cope with the same kinds of challenges. We can help you maintain the lifestyle you want now while growing your wealth through wise investments, creating strategic plans for charitable giving, remaining tax compliant and planning for the inevitable fluctuations to and demands on your income. Whatever stage your career is in, BNKJ will take the stress out of financial management. We can help you

  • Evaluate your expenses and your lifestyle expectations to find the right financial balance for you and your family
  • Create a realistic budget
  • Stay on track with your spending, savings and retirement goals (with quarterly reviews)
  • Manage the ups and downs of your income
  • Maximize your sometimes “small window of opportunity” to structure and organize your finances
  • Minimize your tax burdens on the federal, state and local levels (including the “jock tax”) and ensure compliance
  • Take advantage of tax incentives and credits that apply to you
  • Evaluate investment opportunities (restaurants, real estate, etc.)
  • Protect and secure your money and your estate
  • Minimize your liability and risks
  • Make sound purchases (real estate, yacht, aircraft, luxury car, etc.)
  • Give to your favorite charities in a way that will maximize the benefit to those organizations as well as to you and your estate
  • Analyze the financial and tax implications associated with contracts, merchandising agreements, endorsements and/or royalties and when necessary auditing such agreements
  • Act as liaisons between your trusted advisors