Assurance & Audit

Audited financial statements bring credibility to your financial picture. They validate your story to lenders and investors, who use them for insight into your business. They also help you to see your story more objectively so you can improve your business operations, make informed business decisions and prepare for the future.

We perform financial statement reviews, compilations and audits for clients, but more importantly, when we become your auditor we become a part of your team, providing recommendations based on industry insight, helping with new accounting requirements and finding new ways to add value to your organization.

Other assurance services include reporting on internal controls (SOC1 and SOC2 reports), tailored agreed upon procedures reports and due diligence, and quality of earnings studies.

What matters

  • Reporting that is industry-specific
  • Analyzing internal controls
  • Compliance, including meeting deadlines, regulatory filings and governmental reporting
  • Due diligence, and special investigations when needed
  • Attesting to the reliability of nonfinancial information

Assurance Bro CoverClick here to download a PDF brochure about our Audit & Assurance services.