Special Project Work

No matter how small or big your company is, how successful your business is or how stellar your teams are, unforeseen events and new opportunities arise that may require you to seek temporary expertise or bring extra hands on deck for a time. In other cases, necessary projects may occur at regular intervals, yet you would prefer to complete them without interrupting the important day to day responsibilities of your valuable employees. In all of these instances, you need access to professionals who know you and your business, so that they can step in seamlessly and assist as needed.

This valuable resource provides unprecedented flexibility along with the expertise and knowledge required to evaluate and work on new opportunities, complete major tasks, whether routine or unexpected, and even put out fires when needed.

At BNKJ, we understand how important that need for highly qualified extra hands can be, so we maintain an incredible team of professionals who work almost exclusively on seasonal and special projects for our clients. This dedicated auxiliary crew can work remotely or in-office with your current team, depending on your individual needs, allowing your business to function in the way that works best.

We have provided special project services for companies as small as 10 employees all the way up to Fortune 100 companies—public, private, local, national, international, and spanning all industries. Some projects take a week and some take almost a year to complete. We can take a look at your special needs and help you determine the best, most economical and efficient way to complete what you want and need to accomplish.

Special projects we have undertaken for our clients include

  • Tax
    • Internal tax department assistance
    • Federal, state and local tax amended returns
    • Apportionment data for returns
    • Sales and use tax research
    • Fixed assets analysis
    • Earnings/profit studies
    • Excel spreadsheet template preparation
  • Accounting
    • Amortization
    • Capitalization consulting
    • Accounting for acquisitions
    • Business unit consistency
    • Drafting accounting policies and procedures
    • Controller training and advising
    • Updating of depreciation records
    • Retirement plan audits

This is just a sampling of the ways we help businesses complete special, time consuming projects without slowing down their workforce. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your projects, whatever they may be.

Project Work Bro coverClick here to download a PDF brochure about our Special Project Work.