Christopher A. “Chris” Blunt, CPA, JD

Tax Manager and Firm Administrator

Christopher Blunt brings more than 24 years of experience to his role serving clients, with 23 of them at BNKJ. His areas of special focus lie in income tax, partnership tax, payroll tax, personal property tax, management reporting and systems analysis. Christopher is a member of the AICPA and Georgia Association of CPAs.

In addition to his accounting background, Christopher brings business and legal savvy to the table, as the holder of a BBA and Juris Doctorate, both from Georgia State University. Despite his interests and aptitudes in law and business, it was a deep appreciation for the elegance of double entry accounting that drew Chris to the profession. Even now he finds satisfaction in its simple beauty, as well as the infinite variety that accounting provides.

A resident of Snellville, Georgia, Christopher is also a former chef and restaurant owner. Possibly related, he has a fondness for delectable vegetables that tend to be underappreciated by many. He is the father of two daughters and is active in volunteer activities in his community, particularly those devoted to animal protection. Though he doesn’t like to brag, this Silver Surfer fan once earned the silver medal in a bare bow archery contest.