Talk about a great day at sea! This TRIPLE TALE ends with a delicious TRIPLETAIL!


Our good friend Greg Esslinger and his teenager son Davis recently ventured to St. George Island, Florida and came back with this amazing TRIPLE TALE of their fishing adventures!

The first tale begins with Greg and Davis on a boat– Greg with his favorite fly rod and Davis with spin. It barely takes an hour before Davis hooks and lands this 85 lb strong, fighting tarpon!



WHOA!! This 85 lb HUMONGOUS fish was putting up a fight for our 86 lb fisherman–
pretty even fight other than the boat, rod, reel, line and hook!
Good work reeling in this one, Davis!
Fishermen– 1, Fish– 0
Spin–1, Fly rod– 0


Davis steals the show (or should we say FISH) again in this our second tale, landing this 20 lb black drum just TWO CASTS after the guide told him,“you can try, but they’re really hard to catch.”


Wow– try, try and you REALLY CAN SUCCEED!

Score (BLACK DRUM roll please….)

Fishermen– 2, Fish– 0
Spin–2, Fly rod– 0

It’s Dad’s turn to show the fish who’s boss, so with his trusty fly rod Greg hooks a monster 35 lb redfish that was actually hiding in the same school of black drum.  Take a look!


This beautiful redfish is extraordinarily large, and Greg tells us this is the
biggest he has ever seen OR caught!! Outstanding!!!


Fishermen– 3, Fish– 0
Spin–2, Fly rod– 1

The triple tale ends with Greg and Davis catching a TRIPLETAIL (the picture below says it all!)!

Tripletail cropped

According to Greg and Davis, the tripletail is the most delicious fish you will ever eat.
YUMMY– game over ’till the next Esslinger fishing expedition!We can’t wait to hear about it!!